About us
  • The What

    We’re a metal and wood production company based in Pravets, Bulgaria, 60 km from the capital- Sofia. We specialize in shop fitting on a small and big scale projects as well as retail equipment and bespoke furniture for hospitality. With an elaborate metal production facility and growing wood production facility, we can make any project come to life. We also work with other materials for the details in more specific products- acrylic, glass and LED.

    We provide a complete service- from draft to delivery and careful project management in the process throughout. When sending us your inquiry, you can be sure that we’ll take care of the rest (in a timely manner). We’ll care, and you’ll rest.

  • The Why

    The most important question we ask ourselves. Why do we do what we do? It’s the fuel that drives us to check every last line on the technical drawling. It’s the reason we give inquiry feedback within 24 hours. We simply love what we do, and we’re good at it. Our clients are respected leading brands worldwide, to whom we’ve proven that the desire for great production can achieve so much.

    Our production base and machine park is ever-growing and the staff are constantly upgrading their skills through training and experience.

  • The Who

    Our team consists of over 160 highly qualified professionals specialized in various areas – a Commercial Department which will assist you in the project coordination, Millwright Technologists and Industrial Manufacturing Specialists who will find the most appropriate solution for you, and Accountants and HR department who will keep track of everything.

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  3. Employees

  4. Advantages

    Effectiveness Practicability Expertise Partnership Fast deliver Designer's solutions Flexibility
  5. Mission

    Our mission is to prove to our customers that their ideas can become a reality. We try to meet your highest requirements and offer the appropriate solution for your business, combining design insight with efficiency.